I'm a writer.

I'm a freelance writer based on the East Coast. I've contributed to Refinery29, Bustle, Fashion Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Teen Vogue, xoJane, and xoVain. Email me: kelly.ann.dougher@gmail.com

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Gillian Anderson's Wardrobe in "The Fall" Is Both Stylish and Feminist

Gillian Anderson's Wardrobe in "The Fall" Is Both S...

Mti3otcyoduxnzi1njkyodk4 article

STYLE DILEMMA: What the Hell Do You Wear With Dressy Sweatpants?

Emily asked, but I bet you want to know, too....

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5 Songs That Will Make You Feel Like A Total Badass - xoJane

5 Songs That Will Make You Feel Like A Total Badass...

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Everyone Can (and Should) Wear Leather Pants This Fall

They're surprisingly versatile, no matter what your style is....

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You Need Matching Pajama Sets for Every Night of the Week, I Assure You

Seriously, is there a better gift to get in the middle of winter than a pair of cute, warm pajamas?...

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I Shopped The Altuzarra For Target Collection So You Don't Have To

Up until now I have successfully avoided buying into the hype that is Target designer collaborations....

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Beach Bag Beauty That Won't Weigh You Down

Beach bags are not suitcases. When it comes to products, go small or go home, literally....

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Can I Interest You In A Summer Suit?

Let’s get all matchy-matchy this summer -- but in a really chic, polished way....

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How To Make Your Own Kick-Ass Pair of Embellished Sunglasses

The hardest part is trying not to glue your fingers together....

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Basic Fashion For The Non-Basic: A Beginners Guide To Wearing Leopard Print

Most people don’t just up and buy a leopard print coat one day. I had to work up to that....

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I Conquered My Fear Of Plunging Neckline Dresses

Plenty of boob tape is key....

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Writing Online Ruined Celebrity Fashion Blogs For Me

Sometimes I feel a fierce need to rush to Lena Dunham's house and rip her laptop out of her hands and throw it through a window....

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How to Look Like a Stylish, Non-Frumpy Person When Wearing a Puffy Coat

How to style a down coat (and where to buy one)....

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How To Wear Statement Earrings With Your Most Casual Of Clothes

I paired four basic summer outfits that I rotate a lot with my biggest, flashiest earrings -- and I think it made a world of difference....