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I'm a freelance writer based on the East Coast. I've contributed to Refinery29, Bustle, Fashion Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Teen Vogue, xoJane, and xoVain. Email me: kelly.ann.dougher@gmail.com

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Mascara wands sm article
Daily Makeover

5 Unexpected Uses for Mascara Wands

The best beauty tools are those that multi-task. When you can use one product for several different purposes, you save both money and valuable makeup storage space. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, it's very likely that there's one common beauty tool that you're only using for one purpose when...

Lipstick hacks sm article
Daily Makeover

5 Ultimate Lipstick Hacks, Revealed | Daily Makeover

Make your lip color last longer and look amazing with these 5 genius lipstick hacks....

Dry skin sm article
Daily Makeover

7 Things People with Dry Skin Should NEVER Do

All too often, skincare advice seems aimed squarely at people who already have perfect skin. But for those of us with, shall we say, more difficult complexions, many traditional skincare 'musts' are downright detrimental to our face's health and beauty. Take those of us with dry skin. If your face...

Best scented hand creams article
Daily Makeover

The Best Scented Hand Creams At Every Price Point

Although Spring is inching ever closer, we're not yet free of winter's grasp and its drying effects on our skin. So what better time to try out a new scented hand lotion? We can battle cuticle dryness, try out a new fragrance (or several) and daydream about the warmer weather...

Short haircut spring sm article
Daily Makeover

5 Things To Do Before Cutting Your Hair Short | Daily Makeover

A new, short haircut can be a big adjustment. Make the transition easier with these five steps....

Hair perfume article
Daily Makeover

10 Hair Perfumes You’ll Love

Hair is an excellent carrier for fragrance—something that you've no doubt noticed if you've ever fretted over the leftover smells of smoke in your hair after a night spent at a bar. Because hair has so many natural oils in it, scents latch onto it for a long time. Long...

Matte summer skin article
Daily Makeover

The Best Matte Makeup Products for Summer | Daily Makeover

Fight shine this summer with our picks for the best matte makeup—at every price point....

Best at home workouts sm article
Daily Makeover

The 6 Best At-Home Workouts | Daily Makeover

If you have an internet connection, you can get fit in no time. Here are our six favorite at-home workouts....

Eyeshadow hacks sm article
Daily Makeover

12 Eye Shadow Tips That Will Change Your Life | Daily Makeover

These brilliant eye shadow tips are going to change your beauty-loving life....

Best sunscreen for face sm article
Daily Makeover

The Best Sunscreens For Your Face | Daily Makeover

No matter your skin type, lifestyle or budget, we've found the very best summer sunscreen for you....

Best nail decals article
Daily Makeover

These Are the Best Nail Stickers for Summer | Daily Makeover

Get a salon-worthy summer manicure with these seriously amazing (and seriously easy to use) nail decals....

Organic makeup sm article
Daily Makeover

The Best Organic Makeup (and Why You Need it) | Daily Makeover

Learn the truth about organic makeup, plus the 8 brands changing the face of health-conscious beauty....

Healthy smoothie recipes sm article
Daily Makeover

7 Healthy Smoothie Recipes You’ll Love | Daily Makeover

Mix up a delicious summer treat with our guaranteed-good-for-you healthy smoothie recipes....

Best lightweight foundation article
Daily Makeover

Find the Best Lightweight Foundation For You | Daily Makeover

Keep your summer skin game carefree and perfect with this guide to finding your perfect lightweight foundation....

How to drink more water sm article
Daily Makeover

5 Genius Ways To Drink More Water | Daily Makeover

Your beauty (and health) will thank you for these brilliant hydration hacks....