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I'm a freelance writer based on the East Coast. I've contributed to Refinery29, Bustle, Fashion Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Teen Vogue, xoJane, and xoVain. Email me: kelly.ann.dougher@gmail.com

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The 20 Best Ikea Hacks For Organizing Your Closet, Makeup, And The Rest Of Your Life In 2015

With the new year comes new resolutions, and naturally many of us put “Be more organized” near the top of the list. Having makeup brushes scattered all over every surface and tripping over piles of shoes in the hallway does not bode well for a productive, peaceful 2015.  So you’ve...

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15 Cape Dresses That'll Make It Acceptable To Dress Like A Superhero For Your Holiday Parties

Cape dresses have been making a splash lately, thanks to the celebrities who have been embracing this chic trend in the past few years. Gwyneth Paltrow stunned at the 2012 Oscars in a white Tom Ford cape dress; Lupita Nyong’o managed to make an off-the-shoulder cape dress an actual thing...

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Where To Buy Kate Spade Saturday After All The Stores Shut Down (Yep, It's Gonna Be Possible)

With the news that Kate Spade Saturday is closing (along with Kate Spade’s menswear brand Jack Spade) after only two years of business, fans of the lower-priced sister label of Kate Spade have been cycling through the five stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining… Wait, wait, WAIT: Back it up to...


Kelly Dougher | Bustle

Kelly is a fashion and beauty writer whose work can be found at Refinery29, xoJane, and xoVain. She spends most of her free time consuming pop culture while ......

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13 New Beauty Products to Try in 2015, Because the New Year is the Best Excuse for New Lipstick

With a new year comes tons of new beauty product launches from almost every beauty brand, whether at the drugstore or at Sephora. Hopefully one of your 2015 resolutions wasn’t “Spend less money on makeup,” because a lot of these launches are going to be hard to resist. Some of...

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10 Beauty Resolutions Everyone Should Adopt for 2015, Because Lipstick-Related Promises Are The Best Kind To Keep

With a new year comes new resolutions, and for a lot of women at least one of those resolutions is likely to be appearance-related. Sure, there are plenty of awesome fashion resolutions that are worth trying to stick to, but a beauty-related New Year’s resolution may be even easier to...

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7 Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes, Because Dang, That Liquid Liner Struggle Is Super Real

Hi, my name is Kelly, and I have hooded eyes. Mine aren’t an extreme example; you can see some of my eyelids when my eyes are fully open. With some hooded eyes, you can’t see any trace of an eyelid at all, as it seems to melt seamlessly into the...

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4 Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas Perfect For Whatever You Have Going On To Celebrate

Ah, yes. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It’s likely you already have your February 14th sorted, whether it be a date with your beau, drinking entire bottles of wine with your friends, or contentiously objecting the entire freaking holiday — but what should you wear on your face? Valentine’s...

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Is The Naked Palette Worth It? Yes, Plus 6 Other Expensive Beauty Products I'll Always Pay For

I love budget beauty. Always have, always will. Admittedly one reason for that is that I’m always on a budget, but it’s not the only reason. When you consider the fact that many high-end and drugstore beauty brands are owned by the same corporation, it’s not surprising to realize that...

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The Best Foundations For Dry Skin Will Give You An Awesome Glow — PHOTOS

Dry skin can be incredibly annoying to deal with, especially if you ever want to wear makeup. Not sure if you have dry skin? Just try putting any random foundation on your dry skin, without any prepping (such as with primer) and see how it looks. If you have very...

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Which Blotting Sheets Really Work To Keep You Matte All Summer Long?

As someone with very dry skin, shine isn’t really a problem for me. Even my T-zone is fairly matte in the winter. If anything, I’m usually trying my hardest to achieve a dewy finish. When summer rolls around, however, my hunt for blotting sheets that really work begins. My favorite...

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16 Pairs Of Flats That Are Just As Good As Heels, No Matter How Fancy You're Supposed To Be

With the rise of normcore fashion and menswear trends, it’s become more and more acceptable for women to switch out their uncomfortably high heels for a pair of flats. Now, instead of awkwardly standing on one foot to switch into heels before entering the office, many women are confidently going...

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The Spring Coats And Jackets Your Wardrobe Needs Now, Even If It's Still Technically Winter

Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, it’s time to set your bulky winter coat on fire while dancing a happy jig around the flames. Erm… I mean, store it carefully in the back of your closet to make room for spring coats and jackets. You’ll need...

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The 5 '90s Beauty Products You Need To Get In On The Decade's Big Makeup Comeback

There has been an interesting beauty development on the red carpet lately: Celebrities are starting to play it safe less often. They’re playing with colors and interesting hair styles and bold lipstick. It’s definitely a welcome change, especially since many of them are also dipping their toes in a...

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5 Tips For Wearing Heels All Day Long, Straight From Street Stylers At New York Fashion Week

Thanks to the rise of normcore, comfortable shoes such as loafers and sneakers have once again become a popular choice to wear with any outfit, whether jeans or a dress. Sometimes, however, an occasion demands that one wears heels. And sometimes there’s simply a really cute pair of heels that...